Quick Weight Loss Tips

Quick Weight Loss Tips – Learn To Eat Healthy For Quick Weight Loss

If you’re like all the other eager dieters out there, chances are you’ve started and stopped a few Quick Weight Loss Tips diet programs without a favorable outcome. The first week is not difficult. You are full of zeal. You say that “this time is unlike the other times.” The second week is OK, a bit ‘more beguiling than the first, but you’re still at it. And then what comes next? You break the rules somewhat and fall back into bad behavior. Why is this occurring? Why go through the reoccurring events? I’ll clue you in as to why. We are centering on the wrong goal. For some reason, we believe our weight loss goal to be only “moderately important” to attain. So what could be “important enough” to include new habits of eating right? What in this world could possibly be more important than your health? Think about how your health directly affects all things in your life. When our health is in crisis, it will certainly change the behavior of our lives.

It’s not until we have the elementary fear of staying healthy with Quick Weight Loss Tips that we really alter our eating habits and condition our bodies. Do not wait until your body is absolutely at a breaking point before being determined to care for yourself. If you feel lousy, all you do will be lousy. Thus, if you feel great, all you do will be great. So now, do not just aim attention at shedding a few pounds, let’s focus on being healthy, and make it the number one thing in our lives.

How important is staying healthy to you? Do you want to live your life sick, and having all kinds of medical problems? Or does the idea of being full of energy and healthy as can be appeal to you?” Ask yourself if you want to have fun when you retire, or if you want to sit in a hospital! Your response to these questions will undoubtedly have an impact on your weight and your health decisions for your future. All the positive choices you make for your health will automatically cause you to lose weight and maintain your weight goals for years to come.

Adopt this agenda for health, and the pounds will inevitably drop off. 1. Take every opportunity to concentrate on Quick Weight Loss Tips and your health. Quick Weight Loss Tips

The main reason folks do not eat healthy or exercise is because they “do not have time.” But why is it that when we are ill, have a heart attack, are diagnosed with heart disease, diabetes or cancer, we all of a sudden have the time? This is absolutely illogical. We let our bodies to become so sick before taking steps to amend them. This is like never getting an oil change or doing any vehicle maintenance, and then having the vehicle break down abruptly before doing anything about it. Put your day into focus. What could be more important than health? Our children? Yes, I agree. But guess what? If anything ever happens to you, who’s going to take your place in the lives of your children? I know it is horrible, but it’s the truth. How many times we have all heard sad news of a child being left without a mommy or daddy because of an untimely death caused by a heart attack or stroke? Make the choice to be healthy, not only for yourself but more importantly, for your children.

You must learn to make eating healthy and taking care of your body your first priority!

2. Take a good long look at what you’re putting into your body, write it down. For one week, examine all the ingredients of all foods you consume. This could be an exhausting task. Some ingredient labels of packaged foods sound more like chemistry gone badly, than like anything we should ever eat. As a rule, if you cannot pronounce it, then chances are you should not be eating it. Most foods you should eat should not even have a label of ingredients, they shouldn’t need one. They should be vegetables, fruits, raw nuts, chicken, fish, eggs, meat. If you make 90% of your diet fresh produce, I promise you substantial change in your weight and health. No time to make fresh food? (See # 1). Cook more at one time when you do cook, so there will always be more of the healthy foods to choose from in the fridge. You can always have leftovers for lunch. Cook many portions of a meal and freeze them. A good example of this is healthy homemade soups or chili with turkey. Put a serving of chili in a small container and freeze it. Now you can have it as a quick lunch or dinner.

Quick Weight Loss Tips

3. What are the portions that eating should look like

In the United States we have an unrealistic view of what a portion size is. Restaurant portions are about three times what you should eat. If we get accustomed to this amount of food on our plates in restaurants, we tend to really overdo it when we are at home and getting ready to eat. According to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, women eat 300 more calories per day and men 168 calories more than 20 years in the past. All it takes is 100 extra calories a day to gain 10 pounds a year, think about that!

Take one week to reduce the amount you consume for lunch and dinner. Also be aware that there is no need to eat everything on your plate. A lot of us are taught from our youth that we must not waste any food. There is a difference between wasting food and not finishing what’s on your plate because you are satisfied and don’t need more food. More often than not, what we put on our plate is double what we should be eating anyway. If you feel a little hungry in the afternoon, have some fruit. Your body will quickly get used to smaller amounts of food, and you will not be able to eat so much at one time anymore. Don t forget that you can eat a lot of food each day. There is no need to eat it all in one meal.

4. Drink a lot of water, and then have some more water!

Dehydration has been directly associated with several types of diseases including colon cancer, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia. Many times people may be experiencing thirst, and getting confused signals from their bodies that tell them they are hungry. So be sure that you’re not actually thirsty when you feel hungry that day, you may just need water, you may just be becoming dehydrated. In time dehydration causes numerous health problems.

Pay attention to what you are drinking throughout the day.

Is it coffee or soft drinks (including diet ones)? Caffeine is a further dehydrator and you’ll feel hungry during the day because of it.

Is it diet drinks and sodas? The artificial sweetener actually increases your appetite!

Is it orange juice and other fruit juices? They are full of sugar and won’t help you lose weight. Not to mention the fact that sugar makes you crave even more sugar.

Everybody should consume half their body weight in ounces of water each day. So if you weigh 150 pounds you should drink 75 ounces of water each day. If you drink coffee or other drinks containing caffeine during the day, the amount of water you should drink increases.

5. How do you use your body during the day?

Your body is designed to be used! Your heart is a muscle works like any other muscle in your body. There is no need to join a gym, just use your body. Remember the worst thing you can do to your body is to not use it! Challenge your body and muscles to move every day. The two best options for exercises to save time, I always recommend are:

A. Walk. You can walk anywhere and anytime. No time to? (Please see Rule # 1)

B. Use light weights, even canned goods can work. You will be amazed how many exercises you can do with only your body and some light weights. There are all kinds of television programs, even some on demand ones that can help you exercise right in your own home. Be in the practice of planning your exercise time each day. No excuses! Make your exercise time more important than phone calls, clothes shopping, or lunch dates; in fact make it the most important thing in your life.

Make a promise to yourself that you will get healthy, don’t settle for short term temporary weight loss. Realize that treating your body right daily makes all the difference. That is what your body needs and will respond to. There is no money in the world that can buy another body, so you better take Quick Weight Loss Tips advice and take  good care of it!

5 Foods You Love That Have More Sugar Than You Think

Most of us know it’s best to avoid added sugars because it only provides empty calories and doesn’t supply important nutrients. Sugar also promotes cavities, but there are even more important reasons to avoid sugar, like how it’s linked to an increased risk of heart disease, insulin resistance and increased inflammation. And if that isn’t enough, eating too much sugar and can make your blood sugars go up and then crash, making you feel tired and sluggish throughout the day.

Yet, there is often a lot of confusion about sugar and carbohydrates, even among diabetic patients who need to count their carbs. Often, I will hear diabetic patients say they don’t have to watch their carbohydrates, just their sugar, or vice versa. This is a misconception.

When you look at a food label and read the amount of carbohydrates that’s in it, the total amount of carbohydrates includes the sugars, both the naturally occurring sugars and the added sugars, so don’t add the two together. It’s all carbohydrates that diabetics need to count.

Figuring out how much added sugar is in a product is not that easy. As an example, look at a nutrition facts label for milk. For 1% white milk, there are approximately 13 grams of naturally occurring sugar and zero added sugars. The naturally occurring sugar is in the form of lactose. On the other hand, if you look at 1% chocolate flavored milk, you can see that there are approximately 24 grams of sugar, so there are about 11 grams of added sugar, that’s about 3 teaspoons of sugar as one teaspoon weighs about 4 grams. Different brands of flavored milk may contain more or less sugar.

Ingredient labels on food list the ingredients in the order of the highest volume to the least volume. So if sugar is listed first or early on the ingredients label, that food contains more sugar than if sugar is listed much lower in the ingredients list. However, food manufacturers are pretty sneaky and sugar can be listed in the ingredients under various names such as maltose, dextrose, sucrose, high-fructose corn syrup and even rice syrup. According to Sugar Science, there are 61 different names for sugars listed on food labels. Therefore, I suggest looking for food products that have simple ingredient labels so it’s easier to tell what you are eating.

Several “healthy” foods contain lots of added sugar and it can take becoming a food detective to avoid hidden sources of sugar. Here are 5 foods that contain more sugar than you think:


In case you haven’t noticed, yogurt has become similar to candy. Natural, plain, unflavored yogurt is tart because the fermenting organisms have used the milk sugar (lactose), and fermented it. Many people don’t like plain yogurt, so manufacturers have added sugar to make it more palatable. Read the food labels and choose a yogurt with the least amount of carbs listed.

BBQ Sauce

You might not think about sugar when consuming your favorite smoked meats. However, BBQ sauce often contains a lot of sugar. Ketchup is another source of hidden sugar, along with teriyaki and many other sauces. Although you can read labels and choose those with the least amount of sugar, most people have their favorite sauces so it might just be better to use your favorites a bit more sparingly.

Protein Bars

You would be surprised how much sugar is in many popular protein bars. This is where manufacturers can get pretty sneaky and list sugar under many different names. Read the labels and choose those with the sugars listed the lowest on the ingredients label. Watch for sugar substitutes also, such as Splenda or aspartame, if you’re avoiding these.

Granola Bars

Many of us choose granola and granola bars as a healthy snack on the run or as a breakfast replacement. However, just like protein bars, they are often full of sugar and even candy. It’s often healthier to make your own granola mixes using nuts and dried fruit. Even though fruit has naturally occurring sugars, it’s better to choose dried fruit with important nutrients than processed sugar and candies. Many granola bars are no better than a candy bar.

Breakfast Cereals

Even cereals considered “healthier” are often full of added sugar – including those little oatmeal packets. Read the ingredients labels and choose your cereal wisely. You could also choose plain oatmeal and add your favorite toppings so you have control of how much sugar you are adding.

Other ways to avoid added sugar in your diet is to drain the sugar syrup off of canned fruit, avoid adding sugar at the table and avoid drinking some of the biggest sources of added sugar in a typical American diet: energy drinks and soda.

5 Quick Weight Loss Tips to Feel And Look Great Prior To Summertime

Spring is fading fast and, believe it or not, summer is almost upon us.

One of the concerns I hear all the time at the gym, during book-signings, workshops, workshops or conferences is, “How can I prepare for summer?”

People are constantly shocked when I inform them things like “eat meat and potatoes” or “set your alarm,” however as you’ll quickly see, getting in summer shape takes a lot more than just going to the health club or going through weight loss programs these days:

Pointer # 1 – Beware the Bloat: We frequently draw on fad diets or “city dieting misconceptions” as summertime season methods, but frequently the “salad and veggies” routine – called fibrous carbs – can lead to unpleasant bloating that is actually the opposite of exactly what you’re planning to achieve the desired weight loss outcome. If summer is ideal around the corner, consume enough veggies to remain healthy however slowly shift towards less fibrous, more protein-centric meals like meat and potatoes – yes, I said it! – to avoid bloating while wearing that bikini or swimsuit!

Tip # 2 – Spot Check: The closer summer season gets the more time we invest at the fitness center, starving ourselves or doing whacky things like drinking less water and consuming more fiber. When we try to fix whatever over night, we can frequently end up doing more damage than great. Rather, take a good appearance in the mirror and be realistic about what you can repair in the time you have actually left before summer. Possibly your most significant aching area is your sagging arms; focus on them for a couple of weeks by doing two times as lots of bicep curls per workout and a minimum of you can feel confident you’ll have the best arms you can potentially have actually come that July 4th picnic. Perhaps your limbs are fine but you’re feeling a little soft around the stomach; no quantity of sit-ups or crunches will help if nobody can see them! Cut back on your carbohydrates, your sugary foods, your sugar and your treats for a few weeks and bulk up on your cardio (one of the very best weight loss programs) for quick weight loss that will assist ease a cushy stubborn belly. Keep in mind, it’s much better to repair a couple of things reasonably than aim to get that “ideal” body over night or immediately – and end up fixing absolutely nothing at the same time.

Tip # 3 – Rest Easy: As summer nears the last thing on your mind might be more rest, however in reality sleep is the body’s supreme summer season preparation device. The more you do weight loss exercises and diet plan to get ready for “swimsuit season,” the more rest and repair time your body needs to construct muscle from fat and adjust to a transformed diet. To go to sleep faster in the evening, avoid drinking caffeine (or eating chocolate) after 2 or 3 in the afternoon, turn off the TV an hour prior to bedtime and check out a publication or book and pay attention to unwinding nature music or smooth jazz instead. To wake up more renewed each early morning, set your alarm half an hour prior to you usually get up every day. Including simply half-an-hour to each day literally develops on additional hour every two days; just consider how much more relaxed you’ll feel with all that additional time!

Idea # 4 – Mix It Up: I often tell my readers to “blend it up.” Exactly what do I indicate? Simple: do not do the very same thing at the exact same time – for the exact same quantity of time – and at the very same intensity every day. If you stroll for half-an-hour at the very same time every morning, at the exact same rate, your body will get utilized to it; it’s called the Law of Adaptation and it’s at the heart of why we can’t reduce weight or change our shapes even when we’re constant in our fat loss diet and exercise programs. In fact, it’s that consistency that is often our failure. Instead, mix it up! For instance, stroll a couple of mornings a week however ride your bike every other day. If you’re a morning person, force yourself to exercise a couple of afternoons a week rather; you may be shocked by how this easy “trick” shifts your metabolic process into overdrive. If ALL you do is one particular kind of fat loss exercise, like strolling or jogging, toss a little racquetball, basketball, swimming or tennis into the mix. If you’re in a rut, leave it – and soon – to make sure you break that diet plateau by summer.

Tip # 5 – Slow Down: Finally, slow down! I understand that can seem the reverse of exactly what you want to do, but looking good works together with feeling great. Crazy diets, fad purge weight loss programs, over-exercising and under-sleeping can all create a haggard, frenzied, chaotic look that might assist you look good in a swimsuit however won’t assist you enjoy summer one ounce more. And, in reality, the more quick your weight loss, the more you deprive and reject yourself, the larger the possibility that you’ll acquire whatever fast, instantaneous or overnight weight you lost prior to summer season back before summer season’s even over. And who wishes to look terrific in June and twice as bad by July 4th? Follow the actions in this easy fat loss program and you will both look better and feel better; the payoff is you will not look bad and feel bad the minute summer season’s over!

The objective with any fat loss and weight loss diet plan and exercise strategy is to enjoy your life, not to deny yourself. Summer season is no different; this is a time for outdoor activities, fantastic good, fast friends and family fun. Do not lose out because you’re consuming over entering into a smaller size swimwear or bathing suit or eliminating yourself attempting to fit into something you used three summer seasons ago!

Bear in mind what you eat and how frequently you move, yes, but bear in mind that the more you enjoy yourself, the more active you are and the more activities you join you will really be consuming less and moving your body more. In reality, the best method to look good for summertime is to simply delight in the summer season; the information will work itself out along the way!